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Shaving Through Movember

For many men out there, November was Movember, a month for farming facial hair to promote awareness about men’s cancers. A decent goal, but one that I can’t really participate in. You see, I can’t grow a beard to save my life and my¬†mustache¬†is neither elegant nor manly. So for me at least it was a solid month of shaving with my new safety razor. Another month of learning to be hip and old-fashioned.

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Safety Razor

In true Little Bay Root style, I’ve decided to try shaving with a blade again. I used an electric for years. It was easy and fast, but I struggled with ingrown hairs and other skin irritations. I have a weakness for ritual and more and more lately, I have found myself drawn to the idea of shaving with a blade. This time however I would forsake the disposable razor and get a bit closer to tradition and use a safety razor.

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