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Timberline (Day 1: Paradise Park)

paradise_parkFor the past few years, I’ve been wanting to hike the Timberline trail around Mt. Hood. This year my hiking buddy suggested that we do it. I was quick to agree, and so we made plans for a four day trip in late July. We had plenty of time to prep, so I made some minor adjustments to my meal plans and got all of my gear together. Then we set out with the plan of four roughly 10 mile days to loop around the mountain.

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On the Mountain

I’m hiking on Mt. Hood today. As this posts, I should be starting to hike up from Ramona Falls toward Caern Basin. I had intended on posting about my preparations on Wednesday, but I let too many things slide until the last minute. As usual, I should be taking a ton of photos while I am out and I’ll write up a day by day trail report when I get back. Hopefully you are enjoying a beautiful weekend too!