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Benson Plateau (Day 2: Wahtum Lake)

I woke up early on our second day. It had rained all night and it was still drizzling. A shouted conference between our tents led to the decision to wait for a while and make a late start of it. So we waited until it was apparent that the rain was staying with us for the day. We ate breakfast and broke camp and started a long day of hiking in the rain.

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Spring Effin’ Break

I’ve just spent the last six days with my offspring. He’s a wonderful little man and we often get along just fine, but it rained most of the week so that we only left the house twice during those six days. That’s right, we were locked inside fortress Portmandia together for the better part of a week. I’m not sure how I managed it without drink, and only time will reveal the enormity of the coming therapy bills for the boy’s PTSD.

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It has been a strange winter here in Little Bay Root. Fall was rather dry and rain didn’t really start to fall with regularity until January. Then we got all of our rain in the last three months along with a heaping helping of cold. We’ve had dustings of snow on at least three occasions in March. March!

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