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I’ve taken three hard hikes in my Fivefingers, and I must say that I continually impressed by them. I saw them at Rei back in spring and they sparked my interest. I’d been hiking in a more traditional hiking shoes, but they never really worked for me. I tried a number of different sock configurations, but no matter what I did, I usually came home with a blister somewhere on my toes. About the same time, I’d been talking to one of my co-workers about minimalist running shoes, so I decided to see if I could do some hiking in these goofy

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Tomorrow I’m taking a hike. I’m hiking up the Cooper Spur trail to Tie-In Rock (8.2 miles with 2800 feet of elevation gain) with a couple of other guys. Tonight, I am preparing my gear and provisions. My ride is picking me up early, so I set everything out the night before to cut down on my prep time in the morning and to make sure that I actually take everything that I might need.

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