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Last week we had a fairly pleasant weather. I only had to wear rain gear for one of my commutes and it was warm enough in the evenings to leave off some of my layers. Though this is nominally an improvement for my commute, the warmer weather makes up for the marked uptick in bike traffic. That equals more people being rude on the road.

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The time changed this weekend and so I had my first night time commute of the season on Sunday. Riding at night is different. It is easy to become paranoid with all of the lights and shadows. Not only do I find myself scrutinizing every bump in the road, but I have to keep a constant mental inventory of the other road users around me. All of this is made even more difficult thanks to the frequent negligence on the part of cyclists and pedestrians when it comes to making themselves visible.

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Macleay Park

This last Friday, Portmandia Jr. and I rode our bikes up to Forest Park for a walk in the woods. There are a number of smaller parks embedded within the bulk of Forest Park and this time we were visiting Macleay Park, one of the first parks in Portland. We rode to the end of NW Upshur and locked up our bikes by the bathrooms. On a nicer day we could have stopped and eaten some lunch at the picnic facilities or the big lawn.

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