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I ride my bike just about every day. I have a 9 to 5 job downtown, so I usually ride during rush hour. I share the road with cars and bikes. Everyone is in a rush and often impatient. I understand, as I don’t like to waste time on my commute. Somehow, I am continually amazed at how rude and thoughtless other cyclists are. It is true that pedestrians and motorists do their share of uncool things, but for the purposes of this rant, I think that I will focus on the lazy selfishness of other cyclists.

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It’s starting to get cold here in Little Bay Root and that means that I have to start thinking about how to keep warm on my commute. In the summer I have it easy, wearing light shirts and 3/4 length pants. As the seasons progress, I add layers. More in the morning, when it is coldest and fewer in the afternoon in a effort to stay comfortable on my bike.

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I ride a bike and I identify as a cyclist. I don’t own a car and I haven’t for nearly 20 years. I tend to get annoyed when I take the bus, and the trains here in Portland don’t have don’t have coverage into my part of town. I’m not one of the 20-something cyclists around town that’ll probably buy a car shortly after they get a ‘real’ job. I do my best to be prepared and practical. I ride my bike five days a week, rain or shine.

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Being ‘That Guy’

Today I wore a lot of hats. Events, and my reactions to them, conspired to make me into a number of stereotypical ‘men on the street.’ I should be used to this by now, being one of those ‘Californians’ that seem to make up half the population of Portland. Unfortunately, it seems to be my lot to shift from one┬ácaricature┬áto another by virtue of my familial tendency towards eccentricity.

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