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I’ve been thinking a lot lately about small business. I had a small online¬†business that I ran for years and I’d like find a way to become self-employed. Since I’m up here living the dream in Little Bay Root, I’ve been thinking about small culinary endeavors, specifically food carts. The other night, inspiration struck as Mrs. Portmandia and I were eating our dinner in a rather unconventional manner.

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The Amazon Conundrum

I am going to take a departure from my usual cycling complaints and hiking wishfulness to address a topic that seems rather important of late: Amazon. Being that I spend my days holding down a desk at a large independent bookstore, some might find it odd that I am quite a fan of shopping at this online behemoth. Sadly, most brick and mortar stores suck and if I have to shop at a store that sucks, then shopping online is usually less painful.

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