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Spinning Off

I’ve been picking up new hobbies lately. My latest is actually a recurrence from childhood: Lego. On this blog I’ve mostly stuck to my ‘Portlandish’ activities, ranting about cycling and hiking and books. With the recent shift in my life, putting aside my job and becoming a hausmann and full-time dad, so too have I been taking this blog in slightly different directions.

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I’ve been adjusting. I left my day job just about a month ago and so I’ve had a lot of decompression and processing to do while I adjust to being the hausmann. Mrs. Portmandia has been doing her share of adjustment too, now that she has to bring home the artisinal bacon (and it better be artisinal, I’m not eating any of that major brand dreck). Now that I don’t have a job, it might actually be time to start getting some things done.

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