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Pacific Crest Trailside Readers

It seems apropos that around the same time that I have become obsessed with the Pacific Crest Trail, Mountaineers Books has released their two volume Pacific Crest Trailside Reader. Separated into a California volume and an Oregon & Washington volume, the readers are anthologies of writings about the trail. The selections range from personal journals, to historical accounts and trail poetry.

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Making a List

I’ve started to firm up my plans for backpacking next year. I have a pair of loops that I want to do and I have the months picked out. The next thing is to start revisiting my gear. I’ve backpacked with a buddy before, but I want to be prepared to do these trips solo. That means that I will need a few necessities that I don’t already own. In addition to that, I have a couple more ‘luxury’ items that I would like to have.

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