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Trail Runnin’

This last weekend, the fam and I headed out to the coast for a little vacay. My mother-in-law came down on Friday and we all drove out together. A couple of hours of ‘are we there yet?’ from Portmandia Jr. and we arrived at our shack by the ocean. Sadly, shack turned out to be the operative word as we realized that we’d fallen for a rather creative Airbnb listing. Continue reading Trail Runnin’

More Distance

notebookI went for another long run this morning. Just like last week’s long run, I looked off into the distance and couldn’t believe that I would make it. I did. I ran my eight and a half miles. On the way though I spent a lot of time thinking about writing. Last night I had a few friends over to talk about NaNoWriMo, and as I ran I couldn’t help but wonder what running could teach me about writing.

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While I was out on a run Monday, I had three things going through my head. I was disappointed that I didn’t have a blog post scheduled for Monday, but I’d spent my evening playing Civ V and I really didn’t have much to kvetch about. I was steeping in my usual disdain for cyclists who wear black from head to toe in low-visibility conditions. The biggest thing on my mind was the run though, and that really came into focus as I turned a corner and saw a bridge in the distance. I thought for a second that there was no way that I could run that far, but then I realized that I’d actually be running past that bridge and over the one after that before beginning to turn home.

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