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Spinning Off

I’ve been picking up new hobbies lately. My latest is actually a recurrence from childhood: Lego. On this blog I’ve mostly stuck to my ‘Portlandish’ activities, ranting about cycling and hiking and books. With the recent shift in my life, putting aside my job and becoming a hausmann and full-time dad, so too have I been taking this blog in slightly different directions.

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My son is just finishing up his second week of kindergarten. This is a big time for him, starting actual school and being away from Mom and Dad for over thirty hours a week. Homework. New friends. Big times. Of course, there is also a shift for me too. I have started to shift into the next stage of my own migration.

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It has been a few months since I gave up my glamorous job in the book mines and became a hausmann. The honeymoon period is ending now and I find myself settling into the domestic routine of cleaning and cooking and parenting. A strange place to find myself, but I like it here more every day. There are new skills to develop and opportunities to distill my passions into more powerful spirits.

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I’ve always been a bit of a pack rat. When I lived alone, my apartment was full of things. Every flat surface had some stuff on it. I culled hard when I relocated up to Little Bay Root, but I still had a deep legacy of possessions. This really came to a head when Mrs. Portmandia moved in and started cracking the whip.

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hero_coreToday was a busy day. I think that I have finally started to cast off the shroud of fatigue left over from my life as a working stiff and started to transform into a productive hausmann. I took old clothes to Goodwill. I sold some board games that I haven’t played in years. We did our daily swimming lessons and such. Productivity abounded, but most important, I rescued a lost Lego piece.

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pinterest_badge_redI started using Pinterest last year. I read about it somewhere on the tubes and begged about for an invite. Once I was in, it was a natural fit. I started curating boards tailored to my eccentric tastes. The practice led me to rekindle my love of architecture and fashion, at least in the sense of voyeuristic pinning. I’ve picked up a few followers here or there, but one of my boards seems to stand out: Hiking.

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