I’ve always enjoyed blogging, one of my few outlets for exhibitionism. I’ve had all sorts of blogs over the years. They’ve always been fairly personal, though I did keep an anonymous blog once. I’ve run ads on a few, but I’ve never made a dime. So I ask myself, “why do I do it?”

It fascinates me that there are people out there making a living as bloggers. Such a strange business model to rely on ads. I know that newspapers and magazines do it, but they sell their content too. Blogs have to give it away for free and hope that their readership is valuable enough to let them sell ads.

So, apparently I don’t do it for money. Most of my posts get read by less than a hundred people. I won’t be founding any financial empire on that. There is the hope that when I manage to get some of my writing published, then my blog will be able to act as a portal for that potential readership. That’s just as much of a strange long-shot.

I’m not even very good at churning out content. Sometimes I manage to get on a roll, writing three posts a week. That’s usually during the hiking season, when I can ramble on about trails and such. In the winter, it’s a different story. I could yabber about the rain and other cascadian wonders, and sometimes I do. I might blog more about being a parent, but that starts to feel exploitive. My kid deserves a bit of privacy.

Even mocking hipsters starts to be rather droll after a point.

I guess that means that I don’t expect much of this. I write about things that I am passionate about. I tell stories and try to amuse and entertain. Sometimes it feels like practice. I write and learn how to write. I’d like to think that it helps. Maybe I’ll show the world some of my fiction and we’ll see.

In the mean time I’ll keep filling my blog with hiking reports and sarcasm and other chatter. I’ll leverage social media and maybe get a few more readers. Maybe I’ll even say something interesting enough to get broader attention than a few Facebook friends. Enjoy!