Of Cats and Men

calSo, a while back I had a fail while using Google maps that lead to a day of minor catastrophe. The Mrs. decided that day that the best way to soothe her discomfort was to go and get kittens. That’s what we did. We went and adopted a pair of lovely boy kitties from the local humane society. This of course was just the beginning of our troubles.

We didn’t bother to change the brothers’ names, leaving them as Tiger and Cal. Tiger is a lean tabby with a spotty belly. Cal is white with splotches of tabby. They are litter-mates, and quite possibly the most vicious pair of beasts that I have ever known.

tigerEarly on, the brothers picked their humans. Tiger gravitates toward me and Cal prefers the missus. That isn’t to say that Cal shuns me, as I often find him forcefully snuggling on me. In fact, he can be a bit of an affection bully, banging up against people and demanding attention, willing to claw and attack if he doesn’t get it.

Something else that we learned early is that they will destroy. They love to eat those little white rubbery cables that Apple uses. I’ve had to replace a couple. One night while watching a movie, one of the speakers died in my headphones. I looked down to see Tiger hiding under the ottoman, chewing that dastardly cord to death.

So too have they rid our home of plants. We gave away all of our larger house plants as soon as we realized that they were doomed. We’ve had a constant struggle since then to save our collection of cacti and succulents.

They’re kittens, an adorable mix of sweet and demonic. They snuggle and give us love, and then they do their best to destroy all of our possessions. The balance is slowly shifting toward the adorable, but there are still days.

Last Sunday, Tiger wandered into the living room with a bad limp. We took him to the vet for x-rays. Then we took him to the specialist for a consult. Then there was surgery. My credit card played a major part in all of this too. Now we have a tired little kitty with a club-like splinted leg.

It has already been a turbulent ride for our furry friends. As adorable as they are, I am looking forward to a little mellowing with age. Right now though, I look over and see Cal cleaning Tiger, tending to his wounded brother, and I see why they are such wonderful additions to the family.