Spinning Off

I’ve been picking up new hobbies lately. My latest is actually a recurrence from childhood: Lego. On this blog I’ve mostly stuck to my ‘Portlandish’ activities, ranting about cycling and hiking and books. With the recent shift in my life, putting aside my job and becoming a hausmann and full-time dad, so too have I been taking this blog in slightly different directions.

Honestly though, my newfound passion for Lego is beyond the scope of my usual crypto-hipster posts. I went to a meeting (yes, Lego geeks have meetings) and connected with a number of other dudes who are into it. One of them just started a blog to air his thoughts around the hobby. In his first post, he discussed the concept of authenticity in the context of collecting Lego, and even collecting in a larger sense. Gobsmacked, I realized that I could write about Lego too.

Now, this isn’t just a need to mumble on about my obsessions, but as I’ve been thinking for a while now, I must nurture the creative in me at every turn. I enjoy writing about my passions. What’s more, there are actually some of you who enjoy hearing my go on about them. So that’s decided, I am starting a new blog. Yep, you heard me. I’m going to have a second blog that is all about Lego.

The new blog is little.brickroot.com. By the time you are reading this, the first post over there should have gone live. If you are interested, go on over and give it a read. If you aren’t, then check back later for more of my post-emo musings. Thanks!