My son is just finishing up his second week of kindergarten. This is a big time for him, starting actual school and being away from Mom and Dad for over thirty hours a week. Homework. New friends. Big times. Of course, there is also a shift for me too. I have started to shift into the next stage of my own migration.

I have had most of the summer to start developing new habits and routines. I walk more now. Every morning I walk my boy to school and every afternoon I pick him up by bike. I walk about the neighborhood, running errands and such. I run, but I miss all the time I used to have on my bike. I actually bought an activity tracker to keep me moving.

In the evenings we do homework. He practices his letters and I do my best to keep him practicing. He has so much to learn and I get to share that with him. We talk in the mornings on the way to school. We share games and learning in the afternoon. When we aren’t driving each other crazy, it is one of the best times.

I keep cleaning house and learning how to cook. eBay is helping to get rid of all my extra stuff. Once I pare down all the things that I don’t need, I will make some space to focus on new things. At least, that is my plan. So far, I’ve mostly been savoring this new personal time, time alone with myself and my thoughts.

In a way, I’m back in school too, learning how I want to spend my time and what is I want to be important for my future. Some trial and error, a little experimentation and I will be able to follow some new directions. Exciting times for big and small.