I’ve always been a bit of a pack rat. When I lived alone, my apartment was full of things. Every flat surface had some stuff on it. I culled hard when I relocated up to Little Bay Root, but I still had a deep legacy of possessions. This really came to a head when Mrs. Portmandia moved in and started cracking the whip.

My wife is the opposite of a hoarder. When she moved in, all of her possessions fit in a couple of boxes. The only reason we rented a van was to move her bike and a couch. It took a little while for us to reach equilibrium, but eventually we found a peaceful spot where I would clear out stuff that I didn’t need anymore and she would allow herself to have more than a trunk load of things in her life.

All of this is ancient history now, but I continue to strive for less clutter. Now that I don’t have to go to work every day, I have begun to clear out closets and all the other places where things have been accumulating. We have a big closet in the living room that is full of crap, much of it things that we don’t actually use.

So far this week I have taken four grocery bags (two full of clothes and another 2 full of old/unused electronics) to the Goodwill, started auctioning the little man’s Duplos, with the intention of letting him reinvest any profits in Lego sets, and sold a number of our unplayed board games. On top of this there has been a fair amount of trash that simply went out to the dumpster.

I have a long way to go, but if feels good to unburden the shelves of things that we don’t use. Honestly, anything that sits unused for years just needs to go. Once I can get the things in the apartment cleared out, there is a small storage locker in the basement that demands attention. It’s a constant process.


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