I’ve been adjusting. I left my day job just about a month ago and so I’ve had a lot of decompression and processing to do while I adjust to being the hausmann. Mrs. Portmandia has been doing her share of adjustment too, now that she has to bring home the artisinal bacon (and it better be artisinal, I’m not eating any of that major brand dreck). Now that I don’t have a job, it might actually be time to start getting some things done.

My son and I have been adjusting nicely. We’ve been having little adventures: going to parks and pools and such. Leading into this shift, I was a worried that he’d get annoyed that I wasn’t Mom. Lucky for me, he has taken it all in stride. This extra time with him is one of the biggest perks of not having to go to a job every day.

I’ve had to start doing some cooking too. I am not so much a bad cook, as I am an inexperienced one. Trying to cook like my wife hasn’t been very successful, so I’ve been building on my own strengths. I made a great dinner a couple of weekends ago of chicken tacos with rice and beans. Just the other morning, I made a batch of buttermilk waffles that turned out great. It’s a process, but as long as I keep at it and build my skills, I’ll be able keep the family fed and happy.

I’ve managed to do a little hiking and a lot of running. Next week I am going to finally backpack around Mt. Hood, something which I’ve been wanting to do for years. It feels great to get out into the woods and away from distraction. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to start blogging more about hiking.

The big thing that I haven’t been doing is writing. In the last year, I’ve realized how much I want to be a writer and I’ve dived in aggressively. One of my big goals for this new-found time is to spend it writing. So far, I’ve been too distracted to even do any blogging, let alone get to working on my next manuscript. Since I would like to write two more books by the end of the year, I need to get back to it.

This whole role reversal about the house has been great, but it has also been disruptive. I’ve been flung off the tracks and now I have to remember how to make my own way again. Here I am with this enormous (and slightly nebulous) to-do list and I barely know where to start. Time to start cracking my own whip and get moving. Good things are coming.