Yesterday I gave notice at my day job. I’ve been flipping books there for seven years and I have a lot of great memories and I now know far more about the book industry than I really wanted to. The real question is what do I do with myself now?

The situation makes many of the decisions for me. My wife, the lovely Mrs. Portmandia, just got a real grown-up type job. The economics of our family are such that we’d rather that I stay home and be full-time parent to our spawn than put him into childcare for 50 hours a week. Sheesh, that’s a load of therapy just waiting to happen, and I’m aiming to keep the poor boy as well-adjusted as possible.

For the summer ahead I plan to do a lot of hiking, then blogging about hiking. That means more content on this poor neglected ego-project-blog-a-majig. I already have rough plans for a backpacking trip in July and I’ll be writing a trail report for last weekend’s hike soon.

I’m going to have to start doing a fair amount of home-making too, so expect to get more of that. I’d always intended to chronicle more of my crypto-hipster endeavors and what could be more so than a stay-at-home dad in Portland trying to be some kind of urban homesteader. Before you know it I’ll be blogging about my artisanal beer and pickles. Are you salivating yet?

In the fall, I might tackle knitting again. What could be more hipster than a pierced dude who knits? Probably only one who hikes and brews and pickles. As it gets cold and wet, the boy will start school and I’ll have some adult time on my hands to start learning some fiber art shenanigans. But wait, there is more!

Through all of these silly goals, I’m going to keep writing. I’m planning to write another novel in July, during the second session of Camp NaNoWriMo. Then I’ll have three rough manuscripts to edit and revise. If I can get the third-party editorial happening, then I hope to have at least one of them self-published by the end of the year. In November, I am going to write a more complex, stand-alone novel during NaNoWriMo. Yep, I’m going to write a lot and cross my fingers that some of it is going to be good.

So there. That’s what I’m going to be doing and blogging about. Hopefully I’ll keep my devoted fans amused.