So, I still haven’t been bloginating much lately. Honestly, I’ve been focusing on getting my feet back under me and nurturing my creative urges. I’ve been in the kitchen a lot, making pickles and canning. I’ve been writing a little too, but mostly working on an outline that I can  use when NaNoWriMo comes around in a couple of months. To make matters worse, I’ve been muddled with business ideas that range from artisan distillery to indie publishing.

I’d say that I have a lot of pans in the fire, but that isn’t really true. Closer to the truth is that I have a couple of pans in the fire and many other pans that I’m tempted to go get, but know that I have neither the energy or time for right now. So I’m trying to train my energies on two things right now: pickling and writing.

The pickling is a round about way to a bigger goal: distilling. My father and I have been talking about the possibility of starting an artisan distillery. I rather love the idea, but it will take a lot of seed capital and knowledge that I don’t have right now. It has gotten me thinking about businesses again though and that has led me back to artisan foodstuffs, namely pickles.

So, I’ve been pickling most weekends. I bought a copy of the Joy of Pickling and Katz’s Art of Fermentation. I have batches of cucumbers, green beans and jalapenos canned and ripening already. This weekend, I am planning a more deviant batch of curried pickles. Actually selling pickles is a bit more difficult, since there are a number of health department hoops to jump through for purposes of public safety. So for now, I am working at developing my craft with the goal of perfecting a few recipes and learning to produce pickles that people might actually want to pay for.

Then too, there is the writing. Writing has always been one of my unrealized passions. I wrote a lot when I was a young man and full of angst. I thought I was pretty good at the time, but I suspect now that I was rather atrocious. In the intervening years, I really haven’t done much to develop my skills at writing. I’ve dabbled, but rarely with any results that I would be willing to let loose into the world.

This blog is one of my more successful projects, as I’ve written dozens of posts about a range of topics. I think that some of my posts have been pretty good and I’d like to keep pushing myself for growth. I want to write some fiction. I suspect it will be a while before any of it sees the light of day. Currently, I’m plugging away at a synopsis/outline for the novel that I am going to attempt to write during National Novel Writing Month (also known as November).

A couple of long plays. Who knows, maybe with some hard work I’ll have something that people might pay money for. Will it be the pickles? Maybe I’ll write some amazing book. Probably it will be something else entirely and these will only be steps along the way. I can’t wait to find out.