A month has passed since I last posted here. During that time I had one of those milestone birthdays that is supposed to make me feel old. I must say that it worked. About the same time I managed to sprain my ankle while running. This lead to close to a month of pain and weakness. I used a cane for a couple of weeks in concert with a brace. What a way to ring in my new-found old age.

So there I was with the last shreds of my youthful vitality sifting through my fingers. Add to this my general feelings of failure on social and professional fronts and I had a nice melancholy. Sadly I didn’t even have the luxury to wallow in it, considering that I didn’t want to be a failure as a father and husband.

I’ve been attempting to get over my shit and be productive. I’ve been hatching some schemes that might help me develop a bit more revenue, though not with any noticeable success so far. I’ve tried to make a new friend, but no progress there. Luckily, life is not without some small compense, as I actually managed to go running today for the first time in six weeks.

The running, at least, gives me the satisfaction of having some physical success to keep me motivated on some of the other fronts. The injury has managed to squash my hopes for getting any more backpacking done this year, but I fully intend to run through the winter and be stronger for next year.

An interesting side note to not having posted here in the last month is that I think that I have decided not to bother with any more book reviews. I’ve been keeping an eye on the traffic that this site has been getting and it seems to focus on the hiking. That, of course, makes me wish that I could get out to the trail more often, but that is a longer term goal for now. I’ll probably post more sporadically for a while until I find other avenues to explore on this blog. Who knows, maybe I’ll start writing about pickles and craft distilling, as those are two of my current interests.

If you, my dear reader, have any requests or observations, feel free to leave them in the comments below. This would have the added benefit of showing me that the comment system is actually working since I switched some settings a while back.


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  1. Okay, so I’m probably being a bit hasty about book reviews. I really like talking about books, but I get discouraged when no one seems to have any interest in my suggestions. It also appears that these comments are working okay. So there we go.

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