It has been a strange winter here in Little Bay Root. Fall was rather dry and rain didn’t really start to fall with regularity until January. Then we got all of our rain in the last three months along with a heaping helping of cold. We’ve had dustings of snow on at least three occasions in March. March!

This late, cold rainy season has had all kinds of awesome side effects. The little man was sick for three straight months. The persistent cough is finally gone and he is sleeping through the night again. These things are good. As a result, he knows what cough drops are and he’s become slightly addicted to Emergen-C.

The weather also led to week upon week of sequestered days. We stayed indoors in an attempt to stay warm and dry and let the boy get healthy. Unfortunately, he doesn’t appreciate the house arrest. It is not so much that he wants to go outside, but that he rapidly becomes bored with any activity that doesn’t involve mass devastation. I’ve gotten to spend a lot of time sorting his toys and putting them away.

This intense period of cold and rain has been lame for me too, making my commutes less than pleasant. Thankfully, the weather keeps the bike traffic down to a minimum, but it’s never fun to ride wrapped in plastic rain gear. The cold adds to the fun by requiring a heavy insulating layer to keep it at bay. At night, my apartment is littered with sweaty wool and wet rain gear.

I suspect that we’ll still see rain through to the beginning of July, but I welcome some warmer weather. I’m holding out hope that we’ll actually have a nice summer this year. I have some backpacking that I would like to do this year, and I don’t want to wind up sitting in my apartment cursing the rain.

So, I say ‘good riddance’ to Marchuary. Now I am looking forward to a warmer April.