I’ve been doing more walking lately and I’ve been enjoying it. Sadly, much like my experience while hiking, my shoes have been pretty unfriendly to my feet. In an effort to keep my feet happy I have been wearing my Fivefingers more. Though I originally bought them for hiking and the outdoors, I am using them more and more for walking about town.

Yesterday I wore my bright orange Treksports. I’ve been walking a lot in Fivefingers since I got my first pair about a year ago. As a result, my feet and legs are pretty accustomed to walking essentially barefoot for miles. Since the toe shoes fit like gloves, they never rub my feet raw or give me blisters, no matter how far I walk. This seems to be just as true on sidewalks as it is on the trail.

The only downside to wearing Fivefingers around town is that people think they look funny. I don’t blame them. They do look funny. Personally, I don’t think that they are quite the level of fashion atrocity as Crocs or Uggs. To me, they’re no worse that a loud pair of sneakers and there are even some pairs with classic athletic shoe styling. The leather pair that I own  doesn’t even look very obvious until you get close.

One of my coworkers gave me a teasing for those orange toe shoes yesterday. I don’t mind so much. We have a friendly banter and I gave her some trouble for wearing Crocs on occasion. This all took place in a coffee shop and our barista was highly amused. After my coworker got her drink and moved along, the barista even confided that she owned a pair that she used for hiking. She said that she would never wear them to work for fear of the hassle she would get from her co-workers.

They’re getting more common, these goofy toe shoes.

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