Another of the side effects of taking the bus instead of biking is that I am walking more. Since the little man’s day care is just about a mile from my desk and the bus that I ride home drops me off about a mile from home, I am walking an extra two miles every day that I ride the bus. I could try to minimize this, but honestly, using anything other than your legs to travel a mile is just plain lazy.

I’ve done a lot of walking in my adult life. For years, I lived within walking distance of everything in my life. I worked at one end of a small downtown, and lived at the other end. In between were most of the other necessities of life. It was a pretty awesome arrangement and it ensured that I spent a good piece of every day walking.

I am a little out of practice for this new increase in walking. Some of my shoes aren’t very comfortable for walking so much. I managed to rub a raw spot into my left foot while wearing my wingtips last week. A painful reminder that some of my shoes haven’t been broken in.

One of the other nice things about walking more is getting to see more. I get to walk through downtown, checking out the people and store fronts and such along the way. I can vary my route and keep things interesting. Not to mention that even if I don’t see anything interesting, it is easy to let my mind wander and let random thoughts process. Either way it is valuable alone time that I don’t get on the bus, and I don’t have to be as focused as I am when riding my bike.

For the last couple weeks, but walk home at night has been coinciding with sunset. This means that I’ve been getting to see some dramatic sunsets over the west hills. It is easy to forget to look when I am at home, and when I am on the bike, I can’t look away from my path for more than a moment. Walking affords me the leisure to stop and appreciate whenever I desire.

I’m spending more time on my commute, but as I settle into it, I am finding some valuable time walking. Walk more, it’s good for you.