February wasn’t much of a blogging month around here. I’ve been swamped with feral catalogs at the book mines, dealing with a sick boy around the house and feeling a bit of general restlessness. I just haven’t had much meaningful to say. Last week I made some changes to my routine. Mrs. Portmandia picked up another part-time job, so I am responsible for taking the little man to his child care two days a week. I also started running again, managing to go for three short runs. I think that all the extra activity might be finally shaking me out of the winter doldrums.

Ever since I moved up here to Little Bay Root, I’ve been riding my bike to work. Five days a week like clockwork, rain or shine. I’ve taken breaks when I was sick or injured, but my daily commute has been pretty much the same for the last five years. This last week I started taking the boy to his day care two days a week. Since it is early and cold and the boy isn’t made of iron like his pappy, we are taking the bus.

I’m not much of a fan of the bus. It’s denizens are often odious. Riding with the boy can be difficult. He doesn’t mind sitting next to smelly weirdos. I prefer to generally keep to myself and ignore the other riders, but that gets harder with him yabbering and being generally friendly with strangers. Luckily, he’s a bit groggy on these early morning rides, so he’s apt to just snuggle up to me and stare out the window.

Taking the bus does have its upsides though. I can wear clothes that aren’t bike friendly and that might allow me to project an image other than ‘overgrown man-child.’ Sadly, my once mighty wardrobe has fallen into a state of disrepair and seems to be primarily populated by bookstore logo t-shirts and shants. Certainly practical for a man who rides a track bike to work most days, but hardly stylish or interesting.

Thus I am starting to breathe life back into the closet. I went and bought a fairly stylish, though cheap since I am the broke, pair of jeans. The shopping trip included the trying-on of a pair of extremely skinny jeans, so tight that I might as well have been wearing jeggings. This caused the Mrs. to break into nearly hysterical giggling, and still does when mentioned. The next stop will be some tawdry rack store to start looking for dress shirts. My vast collection of those has dwindled to two shirts.

So I am riding the bus more. I am starting to wear clothes that might have been sold in the men’s department. Not exactly dramatic changes, but changes none-the-less. If things keep going in this direction, I might have to start shocking my co-workers by wearing suits and ties. I’ll have to check the employee handbook first though, as that might be a violation of some sort.

3 thoughts on “Shifting”

  1. It’s hard for me to picture you in anything but vintage super cool suits.

    I have also changed what I wear… To the negative… Then for the last few years … In a more positive direction. I even put on make up sometimes. Looking good really changes how I feel about myself for the better. I have always had body issues. At this point it’s a must. Having a small business self image is very imporitant.
    Anyhoo- I understand completely.

  2. I must say, the state of your wardrobe comes as a bit of a shock. My go to description of you has always been “the most fashionable man I know”. Then again it has probably been at least 7 years since I have been in the same state as you. I do understand the level upkeep required to maintain an impressive collection of garments, mine tends to wax and wane across the years. It can feel really good to redefine a style too. Have fun on the bus with little man and here’s a fun thing to spice up your bike wardrobe when you get back on two wheels;

    1. I miss being well dressed. Sometimes, the thing that I miss most about going to the bar is the excuse to dress up. Luckily I still have ten suits in the back of my closest and a bag of vintage ties. Now I need new shirts and accoutrements. Sadly, like most of us, my budgets a thin, so it might be a while.

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