Lookin’ to Meet

I continue my quest to find some new friends and get out of the house a bit more. I figured that I would start out by looking for a hiking club. I started with the Google and from their I found the local chapter of the Sierra Club. It turns out that they have a group on meetup.com, so that’s where I headed next.

I started with hiking because I am most insecure when trying new things. I decided that I would be less nervous with new people if I was doing something that I was already good at and that I enjoyed. I love hiking and I hold my own on the trail. A natural decision.

I created an account and started looking around. Meetup is full of strange communities. Based on my interests, namely hiking, I found a couple groups that looked good. I joined a pair of groups that focused on hiking. I had lot to choose from, all kinds of specialties. I’m not a lady or an old person, nor am I interested in skiing or mountain biking or motorsport, so my choices were obvious.

So, I’ve signed up for a couple groups. I’ve made my introductions and I’m waiting for an event that is worth going to. It is the off season, so there probably won’t be many hikes, but I figure that something should turn up.

Since I am playing the waiting game, I decided to explore a bit. Meetup has all kinds of strange groups here in Little Bay Root. There are little old ladys who get together and make cards and wanna be power lunchers who get together for networking. I saw an interesting, read lame, group of chubby white dudes who get together in peoples basements to espouse the merits of being a libertarian. From the pictures it looks like they must be living the dream.

I might eventually find some other groups that are worth joining, but for now I think that I will stick with the hiking. Maybe, with a little luck, I’ll have some fun and make a friend or two.

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  1. I used meet up to find mom’s groups. That’s how I found the “new moms over 35” group! 🙂 They do have something for everyone!

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