Schemes Upon Schemes

As I posted yesterday, I have a bit of a problem. I lack a social life and I am going to try and do something about it. Recently I heard about this new project from Google called Schemer. It was claiming to be a new tool for finding things to do with your time. Sounds like a great idea, so I applied to get into the beta. A few days later, I received my invite and off I went.

Getting started is easy. In a fairly obvious move, your user profile comes straight from your Google account and you connect with other users using your circles from Google+. No need to set anything up, you just log in and start your scheming.

Basically Schemer is a kind of collaborative bucket/to-do list. You browse other people’s list of schemes and look for inspiration for your own. The schemes themselves can be tagged or given locations and the system keeps track of who is inspiring whom to do what. Simply implemented but kind of awesome and cool.

Once you accomplish your scheme, it can be marked as completed and you can even indicate that you want to do it again.

So this is all good and fine, but sadly it isn’t really what I was hoping for. The thing that Schemer lacks is scheduling and a real social aspect. I want a calendar of cool events that I can join in on. I want to be able to find cohorts for my adventuresome schemes. Sadly Schemer doesn’t have these functions.

It’s a product in beta, so hopefully there is still more to come. Hopefully Google will tie more of their services together to add functionality to Schemer. Maybe one of these days Google will help me find some partners in crime, but for now they’re just teasing me with more things that I could be doing if I had the gumption.

One thought on “Schemes Upon Schemes”

  1. I tried replying to your previous blog, but something somewhere is acting up, so here (perhaps) is what I was trying to post there, but here:

    Hey, you. I can relate to the isolation – but I’m a grad student, that’s kinda part of the whole deal. And staying back with the family for an unexpectedly long stop-over doesn’t exactly help things. At least I’m not back in Miami. It seems as if the only time I leave the house is to go for a run or head to the gym. When did I become that person? I’m getting in lots of reading and writing, though, whee!!!

    Anyway. As I’m stuck in the country for another couple months I’ll probably try to get at least one (read: five) good trips up to Portland – and I’ll actually have transportation this time! What I’m trying to say here is: you, me, and Mrs. Portmandia should get together sometime, even if the little one has to come along. Actually – seeing the little one would be awfully nice, too. Hope you three and doing well. Miss you guys!

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