Blogging About Bloggery

I have big hopes for backpacking next summer. I’ve been thinking and planning a lot, and reading other people’s recollections of the trail. As I’ve been posting on this blog, some of my favorite bits have been about hiking, whether it be preparation or execution or just wistful noodling about gear. This has lead me to thinking about more ways that I can blog about this passion that I have for hiking.

I’ve been starting to think more about writing in general and one of the things that occurred to me is that I should take a notebook with me. A way to record my thoughts while I was out on the trail. If I wind up hiking solo, as I suspect that I will, then I’ll be able to sit and jot down my musings. Writing at the end of the day while I eat and unwind before passing out.

The other day though, I had the thought to record short videos of my thoughts. I can take my phone with me, record short videos, and then upload them after I return to civilization. A five minute video at the end of the day to share my mood and thoughts. A chance to see how the trail changes me day after day.

I don’t suspect that I’ll get anything so grand from my first attempts, but I would like to try. Maybe it will be a terrible flop, terrible minutes of stammering and foolishness. Considering how difficult it is for me to produce anything coherent for these short blog entries, I’ll be quite pleased to produce anything at all. But if it works the way that I dream, then maybe I’ll be able to share even more of my passion for the trail and the woods.

The real goal would be to do something similar while doing a long distance through hike. I really want to walk the Pacific Crest Trail in the next couple of years. If I could manage to record dozens of short videos chronicling my trip, then I would really have something interesting. I could look back and see how weeks and months on the trail wore on me and I could share it with anyone.

So, yeah, I’m going to play with video. I’ll start to teach myself to use talk into the camera. I might even try a little editing to see if I can make them more presentable. I’ll have to just try it and see how it works for me. What do you think?