The Coast

I’m heading to the coast this weekend. My mother-in-law is whisking us away in her wagon. We’ll stay on the beach and hide from the rain. I’ve been out that way a couple times, once for the requisite trip to the cheese factory and another time as a sort of consolation for a foiled hiking trip.

Sometimes I miss living near the ocean, but I really don’t miss beach towns with their tourist traps and trinket shops. I spent my high school years in a town like that. I even worked at the seaside amusement park and hawked lousy fast food to miserable tourists. I  was attuned to the seasonal ebb and flow of visitors, coming for the sunshine and starting fights in our bars. These things I don’t really miss.

The ocean though, that is another thing entirely. I love the ocean at night. I’m not a big fan of sun and sand, but even the beach can be wonderful on chill overcast days. I used to ride my bike along the cliffs and enjoy the crashing of the waves on the rocks. I’m looking forward to spending the weekend within sight of the ocean.

A little change of scenery should do me good. I’ll run along the beach in the mornings and spend a lazy day reading. I’ll procure a bottle of scotch and see if I can teach my hands the mysteries of knitting. Mostly I will try to carve out a moment or two of relaxation and rebuild my creative energies. Perhaps next week’s blog entries will be full of amazing adventures and insights.

One can only hope.