I’ve now had my first real day of commuting in the rain for the season. In the morning I went for a run in the rain. Then I rode my bike to work in the rain. Finally, I rode home in the dark through gusty wind and rain. An exciting weather day here in Little Bay Root.

It was raining when I got up in the morning. Since it was one of my designated running days, I just went ahead and did it. Mrs. Portmandia often expresses her admiration with my dedication to running three times a week, but mostly I just don’t like to make excuses to myself. I just couldn’t let the rain stop me. I put my phone in a sandwich baggy (I use my phone to track and record my runs), and left the house.

The rain was light, so I came home wet, but not drenched. I quick hot shower and I changed into my rain gear for the ride to work. Almost immediately, I was suffering. I bought new cycling shoes this summer and unfortunately, they seem to suck in the rain. My feet were soaked and cold. Wool socks kept the situation from being a total rout, but there was definitely suffering. Add to this the fact that I had underestimated the cold, so my base layer was too light and I was generally frigid, and now the ride was truly unpleasant.

I got to work and changed into dry clothes and made the best of it. In retrospect, I should have been wearing tights and a long sleeve base layer under my rain gear. It was in the low forties and the rain felt penetratingly cold. I’d been miserly about my gear and I paid the price.

The ride home was a just a bit scary. It was already dark by the time I hit the road, rain was falling and it was gusty as all get out. Rides like this are hard. The dark and the rain can be a bit stressful, but riding defensively with lights is usually enough. What made it scary that night was the wind. I was riding a nimble little track bike and getting knocked around in that wind. A ride like that is pretty white knuckle. Maybe if I was a bit more convinced of my invincibility, I’d just brag of how well I handled it. Sadly, I know that it was was luck, as much as anything, that kept me upright and pedaling.

I love my daily commute. I grouse and drag my feet when I have to take the bus. I’m much happier suffering through the rain. Still, I’m hoping that tomorrow’s weather is a bit more relaxed.