This whole thing I’m doing here, blogging, is really just an exercise in learning to write. I’m not much of a writer. I’ve thought myself to be in the past, but I’ve lived long enough to know my faults. I’d like to be a better writer. I’d like to have the skill to put words to the page.

So for now I’ll blog. It’s a good way to write every day and learn by doing. I come home from my day job, which involves very little writing, and I do my best to be a decent husband and father. I try and do some things to help me fit in, like drink craft beer and listen to old school roots reggae. Sometimes, like tonight, I watch old tv shows on Netflix. After the boy is asleep, I take out my little CR-48 and start typing.

I’ve been writing on a variety of topics, but mostly things that I have a bit of passion for: hiking, cycling and books. I figure that in some ways I’m better off just writing about the things that I enjoy, as that should likewise be something fun to do. So far, that has been partially true. Some nights, I sit down and words just come to me. Not always all at once, but I can get a few hundred words down. Other nights, it’s a bit more like pulling teeth as  I struggle to do more than ramble out some nonsense.

Some of this is easily blamed on my insistence on trying to post every weekday. The bigger issue however, is that I don’t really know how to write. I can generally put some words together, but not so skillfully that I would refer to myself as having any real craft. I’m very much in the stage of trying to write like I speak. I don’t even really know enough be sure that that is a bad thing, or that I should even try to grow out of it.

I’ll keep writing. I’m hoping that with practice, I’ll get more consistent and there won’t be as many stutters when I sit down at the keyboard. Hopefully I’ll be able to entertain a few readers along the way.