Macleay Park

This last Friday, Portmandia Jr. and I rode our bikes up to Forest Park for a walk in the woods. There are a number of smaller parks embedded within the bulk of Forest Park and this time we were visiting Macleay Park, one of the first parks in Portland. We rode to the end of NW Upshur and locked up our bikes by the bathrooms. On a nicer day we could have stopped and eaten some lunch at the picnic facilities or the big lawn.

The park follows Balch creek up a steep little valley. In fact the trail head was overshadowed by NW Thurman bridging overhead. The trail is wide and well maintained with good places to stop and watch the creek and forest. There are houses that overlook, but only at the start of the trail. Quickly enough we were deep in the woods.

The Lower Macleay trail meets up with the Wildwood trail at the Stone House. This old ruin is collection of stone walls that are all that remains of an old homestead. The little man was pretty excited to climb up and down the old stone steps and wave to me from the railing on the upper floor.

From here, we followed the Wildwood trail north. The trail climbed up towards Forest Park proper, and eventually crossed Holman Ln (which is actually just another trail). We followed Holman back out of the park. A short walk took us back to the bridge at Thurman overlooking Macleay Park.

This made for a nice little loop. Perfect for a three year old.