So I’ve decided to start a second post-ironic blog. This new blog will focus on the creative endeavors of Portmandia Jr. In keeping with my crypto-hipster nature, I’ve decided to craft this new site as the sort of design house that I might favor in my more pretentious moments. Portmandia Jr. on the other hand, could care less, as he is only three.

The boy likes to build and draw, and I like to brag about his astounding talents. After all, it is the right of a parent to live vicariously through their offspring. I must admit that most of my dreams have been stifled by my own lack of ambition, but I certainly won’t let that stop me from pushing him to be all of those things that I dreamed of being. Even if those dreams lasted an afternoon and soon found themselves lost in a sea of vodka and foolish prattle.

So, without further ado, I present H. Benito Design, the premier pre-neo-modern design studio in Portland. Trust me, his talent will scald you and you will ache to send him large sums of money for his post-useful creations. Either that, or you will chuckle mildly and wonder if parenthood has induced in me a general soft-headedness. Decide for yourself.


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  1. Never fear, I have a five year old, and being a daddy kinda makes me less apt to throw molotov cocktails or scare Jehovah’s Witnesses from my doorstep by answering the door nude, listening to Dying Fetus and slapping myself in the face with a raw porterhouse steak.

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